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In our continued pursuit of teaming up with the makers and creators of the world, we recently partnered with Swiss snowboarder, Nico Mueller. As one of the most technical riders in the game, he is known for his style and his signature tricks. With his focus on backcountry snowboarding he continues to drive mind-blowing evolution of freeride snowboarding making him the perfect collaborator for our new Summit Backpack.

Nico’s experience in backcountry snowboarding gave our product team the informed view on what is needed in the perfect backcountry pack. His creation of the Summit Backpack includes features like versatile pockets, an extra belt loop, and a sleek and slim design to make heads turn. The bag also includes RECCO® technology so rescue professionals will be able to locate you with detectors in the event of an avalanche, accident, or when lost in the outdoors.

Nixon Frank Gerwer x Spitfire Time Teller

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